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    Mostre in Galleria

    Empty spaces

    Beth Richardson
    Dal 14-02-2016 al 27-03-2016


    Sabrina Ferrari
    01 - Tigre di Mompracem

    Paolo Da San Lorenzo
    27 - Donna distesa

    Wilfred Lang
    14_New York

    Matthias Brandes

    Daniele Calvani
    02_Superficie elastica 4

    Fabio Calvetti

    Prossime Fiere Internazionali

    Nessun evento in programma.


    AAF New York From 31st of March until 3rd of April

    Affordable Art Fair is looking forward to an exciting spring 2016 edition with 70 local, national, and international galleries offering an array of original artwork from more than 500 artists.

    Palma Arte will be happy to welcome you in our stand 1.33 with a very spcial new collection of: Angelo Accardi, Paolo Da San Lorenzo, John Costa, Matthias Brandes, Casper Faassen, Max Gasparini Beth Richardson, Sabrina Fearrari and Giorgio Laveri.

    With a plethora of new galleries, fresh artwork, and engaging tours, the upcoming spring edition will brim with more variety than ever before! In the meantime, read up on art movements and techniques & gain confidence in beginning or building your collection.
    The concept is simple, yet unique: an inspiring and friendly atmosphere in which you can find thousands of original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs all under one roof, ranging from $100-$10,000, with more than half priced under $5,000!