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    Walter Da Col


    He was born in Milan in 1942. He arrived at the world of art in late sixties through studies and experience. He attended Artistic Circle "La Ripa", the most interesting and happening place in Milan for the emerging artists in the field of figurative arts. Later he participated in numerous group exhibitions organized by the club in various cities and important exhibitions in private galleries and at Civic Museums.

    He assumed a particular importance in the formation of pictorial language from the trips he made to Southern Italy and Mediterranean counties: France, Spain, Former Yugoslavia, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. In the suspense of critical clarification and simulating experience comes through visits he made to Central Europe and Scandinavian countries, most recently to Russia, USA and Far East for the opportunities for contact with creative world where emotions are inspired by visual artists. In the course of intense artistic activity, particular critical attention had shown in march 1979 at the Arengario Civic Museum, Monza and later in September to October 1991, exhibition "from the fact that inexhaustible magic of imagination "ordered by the culture and patronage of the Municipality of Pordenone in the halls of Plazzo Gregoris. In 1980, he was entrusted with the preparations of the promotional poster of Expo 80' Energy Saving Exhibition held in the halls of the Fiera Di Milano.

    In 1982, on the occasion of the Centenary of Garibaldi, he was invited by town of Marsala and Ente for the exhibition commemorating Garibaldi and the thousands of youngsters for the Unification of Italy. The work presented to enrich the prestigious Municipal Art Gallery, located in the eighteenth century Palazzo Fici, include over three hundred works of the most famous Italian artists of the twentieth century. In 1983, he participated in the national painting exhibition "City of Udine" held on the occasion of the millennium celebration at the City Hall of Udine. Most recently he attended national and international art exhibitions more frequently. Documents and publications of the activity of Da Col is present at the Fondazione Pagani Museum of Modern Art of Legnano at Castellanza, the Kunsthistorisches Institute of Florenz  (archive for twentieth century Italian art), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in California and the Agency ID-3co-Ltd, Tokyo, Japan.

    In original interpretation of the real painting of Walter Da Col, a clear transfiguration of the world is revealed by the subtle art of the arts. His art is always the balance between the visible and invisible, which implies the precious language of pure intuition, mediated through the expression of intense color and their autonomous shaping of cardinal points around which rotates the iconic-symbol footprint. The work of Da Col leaves the observer a feeling of acute aesthetic landscapes and architectures.

    Builds on the surface of the canvas, indecipherable geometric style architecture, fragments of wander nomadic culture, halfway between history and myth, reality and fiction. Rediscovery of ancient civilizations are true by a mysterious and complex archaeology that emerge from the silent sea of the unconscious.