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Paolo da San Lorenzo - General Registration

We would like to inform you that we are registering the important works of Paolo Da San Lorenzo at the Palma Art Gallery. We have obtained (with notarial permission) the exclusive national important procedure of registration of his works. This registration is indispensable over time to guarantee the economic value of the works of Master Paolo Da San Lorenzo in your possession.

Only registered works will be recognized at national level and will be revalued every year based on the growth index estimated by European price lists To have the works in your possession registered just send (by mail or by post) 2 good quality photographs and relative information (year, technique, title, measurements, the fair at which the painting was bought and your details complete with mail address, telephone number, etc..). Following the registration you will receive by post, in A4 photograph paper complete with photo and details of your painting, the Gallery stamp and relative registration number and certificate to stick on the back of the painting. (vedi esempio):

Registration sample

Front painting sample

Back painting sample

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